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Peptide Purification

Simple  |  Fast  |  Accurate

Simple Prep HPLC System with Sophisticated Software
Capability and Flexible Loading Options

ACCQPrep HP 150Work fast and work smart.

ACCQPrep HP 150 allows you to load a large amount of material onto one column and still separate and purify. The result is a dramatic increase in the peptide development.

ACCQPrep has several options for locating hard to detect materials. ACCQPrep’s UV and UV-Vis detection methods find most peptides but some chains remain unidentified. ELSD provides a rapid means for peptide evaluation and collection. The PurIon Mass Spectrometer allows you to specify what you want to collect and increase purity by ‘cutting’ out the surrounding impurities.

PeakTrak® is science simplified.

View the peptide peak on the ACCQPrep screen, choose the peak on the touch screen and the ACCQPrep automatically generates a focused gradient centered on the selected peak.



Large Volume Sample Load PumpLarge Volume Sample Load Pump

Perfect for peptides and natural applications dilute samples. Inject volumes of samples greater than 10 mL directly onto the column bypassing the injection loop. Pump control is integrated with PeakTrak.



Unlimited Rack Swapping with AutoSamplers

The two rack AS 2x2 and four rack AS 4x2 sampler options allow different chromatographic conditions to be applied to a variety of different samples and doubles or triples the fraction collection capabilities of the base system.



PurIon Mass Spectrometer


PurIon Mass Spectrometer

The ability to manually inject samples prior to purification and collecting based on mass(es), makes this Mass-directed ACCQPrep system ideal for many applications.





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